The"Zeolith mix" contains absorption and antimicrobial properties allowing the mat to remove a range of odours from the surrounding air in your refrigerator, as well as inhibiting the growth of bacteria on your food and refrigerator surfaces.

Ethylene gas emitted during the ripening process of fruit and vegetables is also absorbed, keeping your food deliciously fresh and ensuring vital, healthy nutrients are retained.

Ideal for the use throught the home

  • Place a piece in the bottom of your fruit bowl
  • Cut to shape and place in the bottom of your rubbish bin before inserting the liner
  • Place a mat under the pet bed and litter tray
  • Store smelly shoes on a mat to eliminate odours
  • Line kitchen and laundry cupboards to eliminate smells and moisture
  • Place under door mats to absorb moisture and eliminate mould

Up to 4 times more effective!

Due to the special diamond structure on the underside and the resulting surface which is 4-times larger, the effect is increased by up to 400%.

Ice Blue

Ice Blue

Content: 3 units, Dimensions: 290 x 450 mm


Effective against moisture!

The special "Zeolith mix" found embedded in the Klin-Tec mats absorb moisture from the surrounding air so is ideal for protecting foodstuffs that are spoiled by moisture in the refrigerator. However, the Klin-Tec mat has much wider applications throughout the household. Use it under door mats to absorb moisture making it impossible for mould and mildew to grow.

Reduces Odours

As the Klin-Tec mat absorbs moisture from the surrounding air it also absorbs smells. Your refrigerator will no longer be overpowered by the smell of strong cheese, continental meats or leftover meals. Klin-Tec is also great news for those people with smelly shoes! Use the mats anywhere you want to absorb odours - rubbish bins, pet beds, cupboards, anywhere. Simply cut the mats to the size and shape required.

Reduce Bacteria

The "Zeolith mix" embedded into the surface of the Klin-Tec mat also has antimicrobial properties, so bacteria does not get a chance to affect your food. This means that food in your refrigerator will last longer, reducing unnecessary waste. The mats also stop bacteria growing on other surfaces in the fridge so there is less chance of cross contamination.

Keep Food Fresher for Longer

The anti-bacterial properties of Klin-Tec mats help stop food spoiling, but the mats also absorb ethylene gas which is emitted during the ripening process of fruit and vegetables. This slows the ripening process keeping your fresh produce deliciously fresh and ensures vital, healthy nutrients are retained.

Endless Uses

The uses for Klin-Tec mats are limited only by your imagination. Start with the refrigerator and move into every room of the house and beyond! Our 30 day Performance Guarantee allows you to try Klin-Tec with no risk.

How it Works

Zeolite is a porous, naturally occurring mineral that absorbs a wide range of molecules. It is widely used across a number of different industries. Domestically it is most commonly used in the purification of water and the manufacture of washing detergents. It is also used extensively in the medical professional for its detoxification, decontamination and antimicrobial properties.

Klin-Tec mats take advantage of the zeolite properties and uses it in conjunction with other antibacterial agents to produce the "Zeolith mix". This mix is then embedded into the surface of the Klin-Tec mat, where it absorbs the moisture from the surrounding air as well as odours. The antimicrobial agents inhibit the growth of bacteria both on the surface of the mat and in the adjacent areas.

By increasing the surface area of the mat, the amount of embedded "Zeolith mix" is also increased. Klin-Tec utilizes a special diamond structure on the underside of the mat, resulting in the surface area being increased by 4-times. This in turn increases the effect of the Klin-Tec may by 400%.

About Us

Designed in Germany, Klin-Tec refrigerator mats are exclusively distributed in Australia by EzyLifestyle.

The EzyLifestyle group of companies is an Australian operation that focuses on providing a range of lifestyle products that aim to simplify daily tasks to consumers and resellers. EzyLifestyle is quickly establishing itself with a reputation to provide quality and convenient products with a high level of customer satisfaction.

With the support of our partners EzyLifestyle utilizes the latest homeware concepts and technologies to produce and distribute lifestyle products that meet and exceed the demands of Australian consumers and their lifestyles.


  • How do you use Klin-Tec mats?
  • Using the Klin-Tec mat is simple. After removing the mats from the packaging wipe the mats with a clean, damp cloth and place them in position with the diamond underside facing down. The mats are easily cut with standard household scissors to suit any size or shape.

  • Can Klin-Tec mats be cleaned?
  • We recommend that Klin-Tec mats are cleaned periodically. Simply wipe over the mat with a clean, damp cloth. For heavy soiling, handwash the mat with a mild detergent.

  • What exactly is the "Zeolith mix"
  • The "Zeolith mix" is a special combination of the naturally occurring mineral zeolite and Ultra-Fresh. The zeolite component of the mix provides absorption properties and is the component responsible for the removal of moisture and odours from the air surrounding the mat. Zeolite also has antibacterial properties that help reduce bacterial growth.

    Ultra-Fresh provides antimicrobial protection further increasing the ability of Klin-Tec mats to inhibit microbial growth. Ultra-Fresh is a broad spectrum antibacterial providing protection against E. Coli and Staphylococcus organisms as well as most other common household germs.

  • How long will the mat last?
  • With regular cleaning, Klin-Tec mats will continue to work for up to two years. After this time the antibacterial and absorption properties of the �Zeolith mix� will begin to degrade.

  • Are Klin Tec mats safe?
  • Yes! Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral that is already used extensively in a number of different industrial processes, including water purification and the manufacture of washing detergents. It is also used extensively in the medical profession for its detoxification, decontamination and antimicrobial properties. Chances are you have already come into contact with zeolite without even being aware of it.

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